Belgium - Parking border crossing E40/A3 Eynatten / Lichtenbusch

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of exceptional vehicles from Germany crossing the border in Eynatten (mainly wind turbine blades).

Due to the lack of parking, the police had drawn up a tolerance regarding parking on the service road just after exit 39 of the A3 / E40 towards Loncin. This was illegal parking but tolerated by the police on condition that the passage was kept clear for police. Unfortunately, that service road is now regularly overcrowded and there are even transports that are still partly on the exit and therefore cause a lot of risks to road safety.

Driving without a pilot car to the following car parks in Walhorn or even as far as Welkenraedt are not permitted and must therefore not be presented to the transporter!
Moreover, the police reports that manoeuvring backwards on the motorway at the entrance of the service road is strictly prohibited without police escort, as stated in article 29, §1 of kb 2 June 2010*.

After consultation with the federal road police, non-compliance with these obligations or any other behaviour that does not comply with road safety principles will be subject to stricter sanctions.

If the provisions regarding parking and road safety are not complied with, for reasons of road safety, permits will no longer be given for exceptional transport from Germany via Eynatten, in particular as regards transport of wind turbine blades.