Belgium - Brexit: Port of Zeebrugge

The imminent Brexit probably will cause heavy traffic jams on all roads around the port of Zeebrugge.
Consequently for exceptional transport (temporary) restrictions will be applied, in order not to put an extra charge on/congest the infrastructure and to avoid traffice-dangerous conflicts.

The situation will be monitored continuously, evaluated and adjusted where necessary.


The restrictions apply to the following roads around the port of Zeebrugge:
    - A11 between complex N31 and complex N49
    - N31 between complex A11 and the western outer port
    - N348 - N350 between ramp and exit A11 and eastern outer port 
    - N34 between connection N34/N31 and connection N34/N350 (roundabout Minerva included)
    - Detour A11: N371 - roundaboud N371/N31 - Zeelaan - Stationsweg - Pathoekeweg - Bridge of Dudzele - port ring road south - N348


Subsequent exceptional transport will be prohibited on selected roads from 28/12/20 (until further notice):
    - All exceptional transport wider than 3m50
    - All exceptional transport that must cross train or tram tracks on its route
    - All exceptional transport that has to perform a maneuver against traffic

A (first) evaluation will follow on Friday 8 January 2021.